Friday, 6 August 2010

I am about to begin....

my three weeks of Doom. (Whoop! Whoop!)

Today I pack myself up, head off out to .......

Locko Park for the Moot, come home on Sunday, then bug out again on Monday to head to ......

Knitcamp. Friday I head back from Knitcamp, straight to .......

Tournament Stud to crew Odyssey. And when I head back home from that on the Monday I have a whole half a day to turn myself round and get ready to head off to ........

Rome for 8 days before getting home for a whole day before rocking out to ......

The Gathering at Locko Park.

Then home, and back to school. Phew!

And this is after having been out to the cinema twice, been to the pub, been to a wedding, played Exalted, been shopping 3 (3! me!) times for new clothes, caught up with Lorna and Rikk. Double phew!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Wedded Bliss

Yesterday I watched a wonderful friend and her equally lovely fiance get married. It was a small, family and close friends affair and I felt really privledged to be there. Ellie had put a lot of time, effort and careful thought into the wedding, and it showed.

Coffee Break for the Bride

The day was immaculately planned, with the sort of little touches which make it even more special. Beautiful music, lots of coffee, excellent food.

Caged Wildflowers


The venue, Dunsley Hall in Kinver, was amazing, perfectly decorated and with discreet staff.



Jim looked gorgeous, even if he won't admit it.

Le Sigh


The table we were on was really friendly and fun, and I'm glad we got to meet (or meet again) everyone on it. I got a little mobbed by the kids who wanted their photos taken in the afternoon. I did manage some lovely shots though, and as soon as I have parental permission I'll share them on my Flickr account.

I also took some time to play about with my camera more and captured some shots of myself.


Long Shot

I'm liking my new hair, make up and style. Long may it continue.

And many, many Congratulations to Ellie and Dan.