Thursday, 22 January 2009

Buying for Meeses

I bought the meeses a little house box, and finally the tubing to go with it has arrived. So I lovingly set up the box and the tubing. They sniffed and poked and prodded and played. And ths morning, when I came downstairs, guess where they were asleep?

That's right, in the f***ing tube.

They looked like bugs splatted on the windscreen. They've dragged all the bedding down and wedged themselves in so they're sprawled up across the tube.

Stupid meeses.

Friday, 16 January 2009


I may have slipped slightly over the past few days. I blame being ill.

Not only have I done the totally understandable thing of ordering more wool (even though I still haven't finished most of my projects) I also went out to buy some pet mice.

2 or 3 pet mice specifically.

I came home with 4.

Um, whoops?

But they only had 4 and I couldn't just leave one mouse on her own and they were all so cute. And then I let Jim name them. I'm probably going to hell for this one.... Control, Alt, Delete and BackSpace.

They're slowly getting used to Jim and I. I suspect me being off work all day is helping. To begin with it was Del and Bcksp who were the brave ones and very friendly. Now it seems to be Cnt and Bcksp, with Del having decided she doesn't want to be picked up thankyou very much. Hopefully we can get her over it in time. Meanwhile I'm going back to watching Bcksp figure out how the wheel works.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Beauty and the abcess.

Sometimes I'm glad I don't have my camera with me. On Wednesday morning I walked to the doctors at 8am, aiming to get there for morning sugery. It was bitterly cold, frosty and misty. As I walked towards the tunnel under the rail tracks a train came past, turquoise sparks leaping off the overhead lines where the train touches them. And then I found a spider web sitting on the red light of a traffic light, frozen and glowing.

And I'm very, very glad I didn't have my camera with me, because they were both beautiful and I couldn't have done them justice. They'll survive better in my head. :)

P.S. Been in hospital for an operation for an abcess pressing on my spine and nerve clusters. Very painful. It should all be okay, but because of the way it needs to heal it means daily nurse visits and daily dressing changes. So I'm signed off from work for a week.

Just think of the knitting......