Friday, 30 July 2010

As you mean to go on.

Things I have learned today:

I can cope with any type or amount of blood or gore, unless it's watching squishyness involving eyeballs or kitchen appliances.

Some sewing pins bend, some break. There's no real way of telling which is which until you try and reshape them.

Taking photos is a two handed job. But I've managed some pretty decent attempts.

Happy Coffee

Beetroot Leaves

Clapochai Dropped Stitches

Sakura Socks Ankle


I managed to mildly fracture my left index finger on the weekend, in a sexual harrassment related moment. I'm not meant to use it for quite some time, and keep it strapped and elevated. This has given me the chance to do an awful lot of stuff:

I'm spending a lot of time catching up on TV series like Supernatural and Boston Legal. Going to run out of stuff to watch soon though.

I'm getting a lot of light reorganisation done: sorting through clothes, tidying up jewellry, bit of ironing.

And most importantly I've had enough time to sort through all my old photos and put them up on Flicker. 1,412 items.


All sorted into sets and collections and lovely and tidy. I may not be getting to knit or sew, but I can still be creative.

So I made a mosaic of all my wool stuff.

And then all my sewing.

And then colours.

And then abstract stuff.

And now I'm going for a cup of tea.